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The AeroPress is a unique way of brewing your coffee combining total immersion and rapid filtering under pressure which results in amazingly delicious coffee with a wide range of beautiful flavours, but with very low acidity. ​The best aspect of the Aeropress for me is that it is a great way to start into the world of speciality coffee and can deliver great results with little to no knowledge of coffee or brew methods. I also take mine everywhere, all you need is small hand grinder and a kettle and you can have amazing brews anywhere, a tent, a caravan or just a weekend away.

Step 1

Boil just enough water to pre warm and fill your aeropress. Place your paper filter into the cap and rinse with boiling water and set aside. Insert the plunger just into the chamber and turn the aeropress upside down. Once upside down pre heat with your boiled water.

Step 2

Grind and weigh 15-18g of coffee to a consistency just finer than sea salt. Use the funnel to tip the coffee grounds into the aeropress, don’t be tempted to miss out the funnel I’ve tried and it goes everywhere.

Step 3

Pour twice as much brew water as coffee grounds into the chamber. So for 18g of coffee we would use 36g of water.

Step 4

Agitate gently. This ensures that all the grounds become wet as the coffee blooms (releases CO2 that has build up during roasting) and leads to a more even extraction.

Step 5

Fill the reming space in the chamber with water and stir gently. Wetting the grounds, staring and then filling with water should take approx 30 Secs.

Step 6

Screw the cap on and allow to sit for 1 minute.

Step 7

Gently swirl the aeropress to help release any stuck grounds to the plunger. Push the chamber down on the plunger until all the air has been removed. Place your heated cup or vessel on top of the aeropress and with a quick fluid motion flip everything over.

Step 8

Start to push the plunger down, you should feel about 30 pounds of pressure (that’s enough to make it difficult to push down but not excessively so). Aim to finish plunging in about 30 secs, you know you are finished when you hear air hissing from the cap.

If it is too difficult to plunge (you will know if you are shaking) then your grind is too fine.

If it is too easy to plunge (your not really having to put in any effort) then your grind is too coarse.

Now it is time to enjoy your brew, you can either drink it straight or dilute with water. We enjoy ours diluted 2:1 so adding twice as much hot water as brewed coffee (just don’t forget to give it a quick stir).

If you are not getting the flavours you desire try our trouble shooting guide or give us a call/drop us an email, we are always happy to help.