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Brew Guides

French Press


French press is an immersion brewing method that produces coffee with a rich body. What it lacks in flavour clarity it makes up for in speed and ease, which is why french press is our chosen brew for those hectic midweek mornings.

Step 1

Boil just enough water to fill your press. If you want to be a pro boil enough to pre heat your press, just remember to re boil before you start pouring over your coffee.

Step 2

Weigh and grind your beans. You want a coarse grind which resembles sea salt. It is best to weigh your grounds as your grinder always eats a bit, but in reality weighing your beans first is just fine.

As a rough guide you want your water to coffee ratio to be between 15:1 and 18:1. So for a 50oml press you want between 33g and 27g.

If you haven’t got time to weigh your beans each time, do it once and work out roughly how many coffee scoops or table spoons it is (it might just save you a few secs when you are really against the clock but you need your brew). 

Step 3

Pour twice the weight of your beans of just off the boil water (roughly 95 degrees) onto your grounds. Again, if your going to be doing this in a rush from time to time just do it the once and note roughly how much water you used.

Step 4

Stir the grounds aiming to make sure you have no dry clumps. This ensures that all the grounds become wet during the bloom phase of the coffee (where the coffee bubbles up as it releases CO2 built up during the roasting process) and makes for a more even extraction.

Step 5

Pour the remaining water onto the grounds and gently press down the coffee bloom that has risen to the top.

Step 6

Gently place the lid on top and lower the plunger so the bloom is just submerged.

Set a timer for 4 minutes and wait. Unfortunately there are no tricks to save time here. 

Step 7

Once the timer goes plunge and pour immediately, do not let the coffee sit in the press once you have plunged else it will become chalky and overexerted.

Too much body moving towards bitter try less coffee or a coarser grind, not enough body moving towards acidic try adding more coffee or a finer grind.

If you are not getting the flavours you desire try our trouble shooting guide or give us a call/drop us an email, we are always happy to help.