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Cherry & Orange | Nutmeg | Smooth Milk Chocolate Body

The town of Supia was first founded in 1540 in the north west corner of the department of Caldas and sits next to the River Supia that supplies the local inhabitants with their water. This region relies on coffee, sugar cane, bananas. mining and also tourism for the diverse attractions it has.


This lot is made up of multiple small holders from the Supia region all living on small farms that are between 1 – 3 ha in size. On the farm they have planted colombia, castillo and caturra.

During the harvest the farmers will sweep the farms collecting cherry each day and then pulping it and leaving it to ferment over night for 12- 18 hours. After this it is then washed to remove the mucilage and floated to seperate out the lesser quality coffees. The coffee is then taken to drying tents or dried on roof terraces for between 10 – 14 days.